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Meetings So Easy All You Need Is Your Cell Phone


Fill Up Fast

You want your attendees to get in fast so they can listen and participate in the whole meeting. How does 9,000 calls a minute sound? Yes you read that right, we can call 9,000 people per minute.

Simple To Use

Your speaker needs to focus on speaking. That's why we created our town halls to be simple and easy to use. Whether your speaker is activating a poll question, bringing an attendee live, playing an audio file or reading a discussion point, all they have to do is click!

Real Time Stats

Not only can you let your audience know the results of your poll questions within seconds of asking it, you can also see the real time stats of the meeting in progress! With a quick glance you'll be able to see how many people are in, how many want to go live, how many are still being dialed and more!



About Us

A client once told us, "We want you to build town halls." So we asked them, why not get them from the vendors already selling them? "Because they're too complicated, too slow to fill up and there's not enough profit margin for us. If you could allow me to instantly connect 20-30,000 potential voters in a meeting and give my speakers controls so simple they can't screw them up and let me make a decent profit, we'll buy those town halls off of you in a heartbeat." So we did, and we made them so easy to use you can run one on a cell phone.